The floor of the wood sided Mini Barn is the best floor available on the market and its the strong foundation that starts every great shed we sell. Solid 4’’x6’’ Pressure Treated Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) skids are notched 1 ½ inches for each pressure treated SYP 2’’x 6’’ floor joist to sit cradled in before being toenailed into the skids with nails. This combination of cradle notches and toe-nailing the joist makes a super tough start to a great floor system that will be maintenance free and worry free for years to come. The floor frame is decked with a ¾’’ Tongue and Groove Plywood nailed to the floor joists. Using ¾’’ Tongue and Groove Plywood instead of ⅝’’ or thinner plywood, is what gives our floors the superior strength you can always expect from us. All these features of our floor system give you the peace of mind knowing you can keep using your new shed for years to come. If you are looking for an even greater level of protection for your new shed floor we can apply a floor enamel to the entire floor to make sure the plywood is sealed from any spills that may occur down the road. This coating is applied in a two step process; first, an Extreme Block primer is rolled on followed by the enamel coating, creating a great seal for the lifespan of the building. The spill proof, stain proof finish is a great advantage to have in your new shed when the time comes to wipe up unexpected spills.

The wooden Mini Barn is a Gambrel style shed with an end gable. The wooden Mini Barn comes standard with 4’ walls. The walls are constructed of Spruce 2’’x 4’’ wall studs on 24’’ centers and there is a double stud every 4’  to ensure a rock solid seal on all exterior siding seams and a sturdy frame with undeniable strength to give you endless possibilities for options and layouts for all your storage needs.The walls are topped with a double 2’’x 8’’ top plate giving the wooden Mini Barn ample overhang. The roof rafters are Spruce 2’’x 4’’s spaced on 24’’ centers and seated directly in line with a wall stud. Aligning the roof rafters with the wall studs provides the Mini Barn frame support from the top down, supporting any weight placed on the roof all the way to the foundation of the shed. The rafters are pressed together with 2’’x 4’’ galvanized steel mending plates. These features combined with Mennonite craftsmanship provide the building the strength it needs to withstand the test of time and meet or exceed the local roof load and wind zone requirements.The Gambrel Roof of the Mini Barn features an extremely steep 36’’ on 12’’ lower roof pitch and a 4’’ on 12’’ upper roof pitch this design allows adequate headroom to stand up comfortably inside your new Mini Barn.

The siding on the Mini Barn is available in your choice of ⅝’’ pressure treated T1-11 Rough Sawn plywood siding with V-grooves every 4’’  or 7/16” LP Smart Siding with V-grooves every 8’’. The T1-11 siding is stained with a cedar tone sealer and trimmed in pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine presenting a rustic appearance sure to impress any wood lover’s desires. The 7/16” LP Smart Siding is a great choice for a modern look and excellent longevity with little maintenance requirements. The Smart Siding is pre-primed and painted your choice of color. You can choose one of many standard colors for expedited delivery or provide us any Sherwin Williams paint code for a perfect match and truly unique color combination. The LP Smart Siding comes with an industry leading warranty straight from the siding manufacturer. With the 5-year 100% labor and material replacement and 50-year prorated limited warranty on substrate, the layer underneath the veneer siding finish, this Mini Barn is here to stay. For More Details on this warranty, check this out.

The wooden Mini Barn roof is available with either 29GA steel metal roofing or 3 tab shingles. The 5 Rib patterned steel roofing is available in 18 baked enamel colors and Galvalume. If you choose shingles for your new shed they are available in 4 stock colors or you can to upgrade to 30 year architectural shingles with many colors to choose from. The roof frame is decked in 7/16 OSB sheathing rather than just attaching strips of wood to the rafters adding strength to the entire shed. We install a screen at the ridge to ensure your shed roof is well vented but still secure from debris and pests. All our metal roof panels are run vertically down the pitch of the roof to ensure that water and debris drain as efficiently as possible. Rather than skipping this crucial step and running the panels horizontally in an effort to save material, trim work and time, we run all panels vertically the way the roof metal is designed to be installed. This detail in workmanship is vital to the longevity of the roof and always a priority at Outdoor Options. We trim the sheds’ roofline on all sides and transitions in the roofline to finish your new shed roof with great curb appeal.

The wooden Mini Barn can be customized in many different sizes, colors and layouts. The barn style door in either a 46’’ single door or 64’’ double doors is standard on the wooden Mini Barn but it can be exchanged for a steel panel door or 9-lite gridded steel door.  We offer a range of window sizes including 24’’x 27’’, 2’x 3’ and 3’x 3’ and we can add PVC flower boxes or shutters around the windows to give your new Mini Barn the perfect finishing touch. We can install many levels of electrical packages in your new Lofted Barn. The basic electrical package includes an overhead light socket with wall mounted switch and a receptacle by the door of the shed. You can add additional receptacles or lights anywhere in the shed. If you want to upgrade your light or lights you can do so with either 4’ or 8’ fluorescent lights or we can even install LED light boards in many levels of brightness to provide you the best possible lighting solution. If you have bigger plans for your shed and need a three way switch by each door, a sub-panel with breakers or a 220 volt plug we can have all that included with your new Lofted Barn. While the Mini Barn is limited to adding doors and windows to the end wall under the Gambrel, it still boasts a variety of options to make this Mini Barn your very own.

Painted Wood


  • 4’’x 6’’ Southern Yellow Pine pressure treated skids notched for floor joists
  • 2’’x 6’’ Southern Yellow Pine floor joists on 16” centers
  • ¾” tongue and groove Plywood flooring
  • 2’’x 4’’ Spruce studs on 24” centers with double studs every 4’
  • 4’ Wall height standard
  • 2’’x 4’’ Rafters with 2’’x 4’’ tie plates
  • Rafters sheeted in 7/16th’s OSB under roofing material
  • Lower roof pitch:  36’’ on 12’’
  • Upper roof pitch:  4’’ on 12’’
  • All exterior wood is pressure treated
  • 4’ Shed style door on 8’ wide buildings or 64’’shed style door on 10’, 12’, 14’ and 16’ wide buildings.
  • 2’’x 8’’ double top plate on wall studs for wide eaves
  • ⅝” T-1-11 pressure treated rough sawn siding with V Grooves grooves every 4’’
  • All T1-11 siding and trim Stained and sealed in Cedar Stain color
  • 29 GA Steel Roof in 18 colors or 29 GA Galvalume Steel 5 Rib Roof or 3 tab Shingles in Brown, Black, Grey
  • Baked enamel finish on painted roof material
  • Vertical Roof Panels
  • Vented ridge cap with screened ridge to prevent pests and debris from entering the building.
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Stained T1-11


  • 4×6 Southern Yellow Pine pressure treated skids notched for floor joists
  • 2×6 Southern Yellow Pine floor joists on 16” centers
  • ¾” tongue and groove Plywood flooring
  • 2×4 Spruce studs on 24” centers with double studs every 4’
  • All exterior wood is pressure treated
  • 4’ single door on 8’ wide model
  • 10’ & wider has 64” double doors
  • 2×8 double top plate on wall studs for wide eaves
  • ⅝” T-1-11 pressure treated rough sawn siding with V Grooves 4” on center comes standard
  • All T1-11 stained with cedar colored sealer
  • Upgrade to 7/16” LP Smart siding with your choice of Sherwin Williams paint color
  • LP Smart Siding Manufacturer Warranty:  5-year 100% labor and material replacement, 50-year prorated limited warranty on substrate
  • Lower roof pitch:  36 on 12
  • Upper roof pitch:  4 on 12
  • Rafters sheeted in 7/16th’s OSB under roofing material
  • 40 year rated 29 gauge steel roofing or 3 tab shingles standard
  • upgrading to architectural shingles
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Feature Advantage Benefit
4’’x 6’’ Pressure Treated Notched Skids Joists not on top of the skids, joists have lateral support/ much stronger than 4×4 skids No worry of joist collapsing or buckling
2’’x 6’’ Pressure Treated Joists on 16’’ Centers Much stronger than 2’’x 4’’ on 12’’ centers Floor can hold a lot more of what you want
¾’’ Tongue & Groove Plywood Stronger than ⅝’’ or thinner/T&G stronger, Tighter seal than square edge Plywood Super sized your floor load rating, no sagging seams or pest entry point
2’’x 4’’ wall studs Doubled every 4’ Strong frame for the life of the shed Great seal on the siding seams
Double 2’’x 8’’ wall plate Stronger wall tie, great looking eaves Walls will not bulge,water runs well past walls
All exterior wood Pressure treated Better protection from the elements Ensures a long lasting great looking shed
⅝th inch Pressure treated T1-11 Thicker, stronger, better insulated than ⅜th inch siding Lasts longer, more defined V-grooves
Cedar Tone Sealer Pressure treated alone is not enough Seals the wood from moisture, slows natural greying
29 Gauge painted steel Roofing Thicker than tin roof 40 year rating, will not rust
Vertical roof panels Better Drainage than Horizontal run panels installed  way the metal is designed, no standing water on the roof
Screened ridge Ridge cap alone allows debris and pests to enter thru venting Protection from debris and pests, less maintenance
50 year Smart Siding Pre-primed, won’t hold water, great veneer finish Less Maintenance, more modern look, unlimited color choices
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